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Dog training – basis for a good relationship with the dog

A dog always needs the guidance of its human in order to be able to integrate itself into the life in the household without problems. When training  dogs, clear rules must be set up at an early stage  that the dog can understand and follow. Basically, you can assume that dogs are very learnable and would also like to please their owner. This provides the best conditions for dog training. Furthermore, it is important that as a dog owner, through consistent behavior, one understands how to clearly teach the dog which behavior is desired and which actions are prohibited.


Suitable affordable tools for dog training

Basically, the question is how much budget you want to spend on dog training. Here we show you cheap opportunities for self-study: books , DVDs and online dog training. Another option is a dog school or a dog trainer. This form of extensive dog training is associated with much higher costs. As soon as a dog comes into the house, we recommend that you start dog training immediately. You are well advised to get professional information here, because raising a dog is not the same as raising your own child. This requires special forms of communication with the dog, which you can learn easily and inexpensively with little time using one of these tools.

1.) Suitable books for dog training

a)  Puppy education: the 8-week training plan for puppies

b.)  Dog training is so easy  – At a glance: Illustrations show step by step what is really important

3.) Dog training with Martin Rütter

Note: You can find other suitable books on the subject of dog training in our bookshop .

2.) Suitable DVDs for dog training

a.) The puppy ABC – Encourage and educate young dogs positively

b.) The great freedom – basics of dog training

c.) Dog training with Martin Rütter

Note: In our online shop you will find other useful DVDs for dog training.

3.) Professional online dog training

Dog training: clarity from the start

It is recommended   to start dog training as soon as the dog comes into the house. So the dog has no opportunity to get used to wrong behaviors in a new environment  . It is often much more difficult to get the dog out of bad behavior than to insist on correct behavior from the start. It is also necessary to use clear commands that the dog can understand. A clear and sharply spoken “No” is much better than a complete sentence that satisfies the need for communication of the person, but remains incomprehensible to the dog.

Complaints and rewards are immediate

An important point to consider when training dogs is perfect timing. You have to keep in mind that dogs only live in the immediate presence. Events that happened a few minutes ago fade away quickly. If the dog has eaten a few shoes and is only later reprimanded for it, it is possible that he cannot establish a connection between the deed and the reprimand. The same goes for rewards when traded correctly. If a command is correctly executed by the dog, the reward, be it in the form of praise or treats, must be given at the same moment so that the dog can associate it with his behavior.


Keep calm

When  training dogs  , it is important to keep calm. Screaming or even punching does not result in learning success for most dogs. On the contrary, they shoot each other and the learning content is not understood. The dog owner is often too ambitious and wants to achieve certain goals in  dog training too quickly. But the dog has to learn according to its own rhythm. If you try to apply too many commands at once, the dog will always fall back into misconduct and one has the impression that all previous hours of upbringing have been in vain. In such situations, however, it is particularly important to keep calm and continue to work patiently with the dog. A positive learning atmosphere motivates the dog to finally learn its commands, while aggressive behavior of the loved one only unsettles the dog and makes the upbringing more difficult. It should always be borne in mind that a dog does not refuse commands to annoy us. One should not attribute such a human reaction to the dog. If the dog does not follow, it is either because he does not understand his human,

Dog training – basis for a good relationship with the dog

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